Manufacturer of solid state lasers and systems for science and technology

Company History

EKSPLA was officially established in 1992 but traces its roots to the laser division of EKSMA Co. founded in 1983.

From its early days EKSMA gained attention by representing the scientific instrumentation market of the former USSR. In Eastern markets, the company stood out for high level of product quality and reliability, quick delivery and service, as well as constant attention to customer needs. Therefore in 1987 EKSMA was quite confident to start marketing and sales in Western Europe, creating a flexible system of product sales and competitive pricing policy. In 1993, EKSPLA entered the Japanese market, and to date over thirty Japanese spectroscopy and material research laboratories have purchased EKSPLA laser systems.

On 1 January 2004, EKSMA took control of EKSPLA by increasing the shares it held to 99.61%. All laser and photonics related businesses of both companies were consolidated within EKSPLA. Over the recent years, many interested firms and institutes have come to know and rely on EKSPLA, becoming regular customers.

Important dates

1983 – Commercial development of experimental workshop of the Institute of Physics, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (EKSMA Co)

1987 – Entering into the West European market

1992 – Spinning off of laser design and manufacturing business and establishing of a new company EKSPLA

1993 – Entering into the Japanese market

1996 – Start of marketing and sales in the USA

2002 – Introduction of picosecond diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser

2003 – Picosecond Nd:YAG laser with all-solid-state mode-locking introduced, offerring less than 30 ps pulse duration

2004 – EKSMA acquires 99.61% of EKSPLA shares; photonic components and laser businesses are merged into one company Ekspla

2005 – Ekspla has been awarded as the knowledge economy company of the year.

2006 – Ekspla has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

2007 – Ekspla CEO has received the partnership award of the National Advancement Awards

2008 – Photonics components division of Ekspla has been reorganized into the separate entity.

2011NT200 series tunable laser has been announced as winner of the 2010 Prism Award for Photonics Innovation.

2014 – Ekspla, by employing close partnership with laser companies for Lithuania and USA, successfully won two ELI laser procurement tenders: one for ELI-ALPS (Hungary) and one for ELI Beamlines (Czech republic)

2017 – 5 TW laser system has been introduced by Ekspla and Light Conversion led consortium. Read press release for more information.